Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to be attending various events in the VirginiaLimo area through a span of several days... we only require pickup and drop off at the end of the day's festivities.
In this case, would you require full day's payment?

Simply stated: No. In this case we would offer you our pickup and drop off service which comes at a substatial reduction in pricing over the "day long" service which requires a four hour minimum reservation. This service allows us to bill in fifteen minute increments. As such, you will be glad to know that there are never any hidden charges of any sort; with no unruly fine print to sort through. For specific information, we are happy to talk it over with you, give us a call!

Our party is a smaller one. Just sixteen folks. Do you have smaller vehicles to accommodate this size group?

We sure do! We have a smaller bus designed to accommodate sixteen folks. However, should you like (and are able to afford) a more "featured" vehicle; we have larger and more luxurious options we can recommend to you. Many of which feature flat panel televisions, interesting color-changing lighting systems, extended height ceilings, and even a private VIP room in the back of one of our buses. These perks certainly are worth the cost if you're looking for the finest options in transportation!

Can we drink in your vehicles?

Yes! You are more than welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages on board for your enjoyment. Party buses are, after all, the perfect venue to enjoy drinking... while someone else does the driving!

Can we smoke in your vehicles?

Regrettably, no. Out of respect for our non-smoking customers, and in the interest of keeping our interiors fresh and as clean as possible, we prohibit smoking in our vehicles. Unfortunately, we cannot allow exceptions to this rule. We are happy to pull over whenever it is viable to allow you to grab a smoke though.

Do you have bathrooms on your vehicles?

No, we made the decision not in include bathrooms because we want to keep our interiors as pristine as we possibly can for our customers. With that said, your contract with us allows for unlimited stops which means that any time anyone on the vehicle needs a bathroom break, just let the driver know and you will find yourself at a convenient pit stop.

What can our group expect when we are on board one of your vehicles?

We say this without reservation, the features we have installed on our vehicles are going to blow you away. We have included everything from a premium sound system with subwoofers to multiple high definition flat screens with DVD capabilties to a dancing area with a dancing pole to granite top bar areas with built-in coolers of ice for your favorite libations just to name a few. Our vehicles are nicknames a party on wheels for a very good reason.

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